Shapely Snakes

image by Veronica V. Jones

Charmed, I’m Sure!

An bare-breasted snake-woman wearing an elaborate headdress and wielding a large spear. An bare-breasted snake-woman wearing an elaborate headdress and wielding a large spear.

The next beguiling creature in our fetching fantasy parade is a sensual serpent warrior from a piece titled “Snake Charmer”, from the lovely and talented Veronica V. Jones. You can experience this naughty Naga in all her glory here, along with plenty of other attractive — but more completely dressed — fantasy figures.

Which mythological marvel should we ask Veronica to conjure for us next year?

Snake Charmer is no longer available on Veronica’s site, but we’re still planning on offering a commemorative set of images of all of Lucid Skin’s once and future featured characters

Written by in March of 2007. Last edited February 2015.

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