Fantastic Surrealism

image by Veronica V. Jones

John Pitre

A nude woman reaches up to pick a low-hanging fruit.
A nude woman holds a glowing golden atom high.
A nude woman riding a horse draws her bow.

Nude figures have been enlisted for every human endeavor since the beginning of time, from the celebration of long-forgotten empires to the promotion of the lowliest of consumer good. Truly the highest calling for this most compelling of subjects is the provocation of thought and discussion on our most vexing social and spiritual issues, as John Pitre so beautifully illustrates.

His works range in scope from a lazy reflective moment to the eventual fate of all humanity, each expressively rendered with flowing lines and vibrant color. His subjects are both confident and vulnerable, and while they are seldom engaged in erotic pursuits, passion and purpose imbue their strong, bare bodies with sensual energy.

It may be a bit disorienting to see such sensual beauty and inner peace amongst haunting tableau of broken landscapes and brilliant spacescapes, but reconciling the chaotic combination may very well be a step towards enlightenment.

Written by in November of 2006. Last edited September 2014.

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