Muscular Mavens and Powerful Pets

image by Jae Clevella

Jhoneil Centeno

A lovely naked woman is being dragged down into the water by a group of small aquatic creatures. A slender, muscular woman in a mesh top and bikini bottom angrily slouches. A naked woman covered in mud stands defiantly, with a staff held behind her.

Jhoneil Centeno‘s fantasy illustrations are both playful and sinister, and feature distantly beautiful characters surviving in a dangerous world. His best works feature powerful women in vulnerable situations, such as battle-hardened warriors under attack, and darkly gothic beauties surrounded by cruel beasts.

Mr. Centeno is not without humor, however, and some of his lighter characters seem improbable at best, yet still quite compelling. Their oddities do not diminish — and may even add to — their allure.

It’s easy to enjoy Jhoneil’s innocent beauties, but don’t deny the allure of his scarred, tortured creatures as well. Their grim determination and unwavering confidence are at least as attractive in a world where beauty alone seldom endures.

Published on Friday, August 12th, 2005 by in Artists.


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